Bago Bluff

One of the features that attracted us to Booyong was the view of Bago Bluff from the entrance of the property. The rock features are stunning and the panoramic views of Hastings Valley from the top is breathtaking on a clear day. We managed to see Booyong from the top as well, it really put the area into perspective and was an incredible sight!

Bago bluff can be easily accessed by 4 wheel drive or if you’re up to it, a bush walk, hike or run. On Alltrails  it’s recommended that you walk up and back down the same way rather than follow the recommended loop. From Rollover road, it’s a 9.7 km loop and rated as a moderate track. The estimated time to walk it is 3 hours, 25 minutes.

The first 6km are an steady uphill climb but the stunning views at the look outs along the top and of the ridge make it all worth it. The native flora and fauna were stunning, walking it would give you more time to appreciate the plants and see the birds as you go.

Like many others we drove the dirt road trail. If your dirt bike is registered, you can ride it and if you have the energy, like some of our guests do you could take your Mountain bike. It’s a must to visit Bago Bluff whilst staying at Booyong.