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Booyong was purchased just over 2 years ago by the Williams family and we are so excited to be exploring this property and entering the world of conservation. We are constantly enchanted by Booyong and the incredible flora and fauna that surround us.

We have been encouraged by friends and family to share our lovely rustic cabin with others and we are delighted that you’ve come to stay.

Our team at Booyong includes Bob our father/in law/caretaker and who moved down from the Mountains near Mackay to manage the property. Bob can do everything and is very handy with a hammer; he also has an incredible green thumb! We just need to introduce him to Australian natives a little more to keep the birds happy. Brett works on airplanes and is passionate about all things mechanical which is very handy and his wife Michelle (that’s me) am a counsellor and work with people with Younger Onset Dementia. We have two children Poppy and Jack who love coming to the property and are learning so much during their time at Booyong!

Booyong is also supported by the original owners Dave and Beryl who placed it under Conservation and dedicated many years restoring it to its natural state. Van, a very passionate botanist knows the property well has been generously sharing his knowledge with us and of course the local Landcare are always available to drop in and assist us in identifying weeds and native flora. We also can’t forget Louie a resident of Comboyne who has bee hives on the property and delivers fresh honey which we share with guests seasonally!

Michelle has been busy these last few years researching and beginning to identify the 27 tree species, more than 150 native flora species, more than 35 fern species, 19 orchid species and this doesn’t include the grasses, sedges, weeds and native herbs of Booyong. Rare plant species include mature red cedars, Senna acclinis, Marsdeniia longiloba, Cynanchum elegans, and Goodenia fordiana. The list is never ending and if you’re interested do follow our website for species updates.

Known wildlife inhabitants of Booyong include 4 macropod species, 26 frog species, more than 150 varieties of bird, at least 25 reptile species, a range of insect life, bandicoots, tiger quolls (Dasyurus maculatus), koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) and various gliders. Other rare species recorded include: green-thighed frogs, great barred frogs; angle-headed dragons; glossy black cockatoos, masked, powerful and sooty owls; and yellow-bellied gliders.

We’re going to be very busy over our lifetime becoming acquainted with the flora and fauna here at Booyong!

The local people of Byabarra have welcomed us so warmly to the area and we’ve already developed some wonderful friendships close by. There are so many creative and talented people in the area and we still have many places we’d like to explore. Be sure to visit the Byabarra Bakehouse during your stay and let us know if you discover any interesting places you would like to recommend! We’ve found to date Ellenborough falls has been very popular with guests.

We are passionate about improving the property and have completed many projects since owning Booyong. These include planting new fruits in the orchard and creating a variety of garden beds throughout the cabin gardens in an attempt to attract the small birds from the Conservation area. Seating has been placed in the orchard and by the dam to create places for reflection. We have replaced slats in the timber bridge and created a new driveway and entrance to Booyong. In addition the carport flooring has been improved and the storage loft has recently been carpeted for extra space. A Firewood storage shed is soon to be constructed and we have also added the fire pit which is amazing in winter. There is nothing better than sitting around the fire and gazing at the stars, they are truly amazing! Finally, firehoses and pumps have been strategically placed throughout the property and Brett has also built a portable fire pod for a variety of uses.

We have also cleared and opened up four bushwalks for guests to enjoy, the Hill top, Rainforest, Orchid Walk and most recently a walking track from the Black Lagoon through to what we call the Meadow! Bob has also built a chicken coop and we love the farm fresh eggs. Please help yourself during your stay and don’t forget to visit our bunnies in the enclosure nearby. You may also see Thumpster running about; he’s caramel and doesn’t like being contained, very cute! The animals are situated near Bob’s cabin so that he can feed and keep an eye on them.

Bob has been instrumental in adding the rope swing, bowls set, basketball hoop and most recently a tennis net we hope you enjoy. In addition we have a hammock under the carport you are welcome to use during your stay. We hope Booyong provides you and your family with the opportunity to unwind and share meaningful moments together in nature, away from the busyness of the crazy and technology driven world we live in!

We have big dreams for Booyong and hope to one day be self-sustaining and living off the land. We are learning about permaculture principles and have plans for a food forest underway. We would also like to propagate the native flora of Booyong and support our community to enhance the native indigenous plants of the area to maintain the ecology of the environment and sustain native wildlife. It’s a massive task and there is so much to learn but we are passionate and inspired, to be honest we couldn’t imagine spending our time in any other way!

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Brett, Michelle, Bob, Jack and Poppy Williams

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