Booyong Conservation!

Native Gardening

At Booyong we have been busy planting Australian natives  around the cabin and gardens. Our hope is to create safe places for birds and wildlife.  Bob our caretaker is passionate about more traditional gardens and this is reflected in his choice of flora surrounding the gatekeepers cottage.


Places of Interest

Booyong is ten minutes drive from the rural town of Wauchope with markets, homeware, fashion stores and cafes. Port Macquarie and all the hustle of the big city is only twenty minutes away, as are the beautiful coastal beaches. In the other direction you’ll find the mountains of Comboyne, Ellensborough falls and stunning national parks.

Flora and Fauna

Known wildlife inhabitants of Booyong include 26 frog species, more than 150 varieties of bird, at least 25 reptile species, a range of insect life, bandicoots, tiger quolls, koalas and various gliders. Other rare species include: green-thighed frogs, great barred frogs; angle-headed dragons; glossy black cockatoos and masked and powerful owls.

Food Forest

At Booyong we have an established Orchard containing Pecan Nuts Trees, Persimmons, Saville Oranges, Citrus, Macadamia nuts, Grapes and newly planted Pomegranates, Olives, Apples, Pear, Limes and Figs. A herb garden grows behind the cabin and a food forest is being established in the Orchard offering seasonal vegetables.


Booyong is now available for rent! Come and stay overnight in our three bedroom rustic cottage surrounded by 85 acres of conservation. Awaken to the sounds of birds, have coffee on the deck in the morning sun overlooking a beautiful dam. Explore the area or take a walk through the bush and settle in by the fire of an evening, a stunning relaxing retreat.


Recycling and Going Green

We believe in sustainable living and are conscious of reducing our footprint by using natural and recycled products where we can, without compromising on quality and comfort. The property has an abundance of fresh rainwater and contains eight dams for watering the Orchard and gardens.


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