Brush Kurrajong

Growing around the black swamp and on the edge of the meadow lies the Androcalva Fraseri (formerly known as Commersonia fraseri (brush kurrajong). It is in flower at the moment and is so pretty.

Growing – Androcalva fraseri is a spindly shrub or a small tree growing around 2 – 9 metres tall and 2.5 – 4 metres wide. It is currently not a threatened species.

It is sometimes grown as an ornamental, where it can be used to form a screening hedge.

It grows on the coast and ranges, rocky hillsides, in open heathland, eucalyptus forest, along creek beds in a variety of soil types.

Care – Androcalva fraseri is hardy and shade and frost-tolerant.

Pruning – The plant can sucker freely and has been used to make an effective screening hedge in Australia. I imagine this would involve lots of pruning and thickening to achieve.

Pests and Diseases – No know pests and diseases.

Harvest – Brush Kurrajong is harvested from the wild for local use as a fibre.

Propagation – The plant can form suckers freely from rhizomes, spreading to form a colony.