Azure Kingfisher

Walking recently through the secret Billabong surrounded by shades of green, something of colour caught my eye. It was a Azure Kingfisher, deep and vibrant Blue with a orange and white neck. It’s feet and legs are red. It seemed a little smaller than the Sacred Kingfisher who is a regular visitor to the main dam in Summer.

According to Birds in backyards, the Azure Kingfisher is never far from water, preferring freshwater rivers and creeks as well as billabongs, lakes, swamps and dams, usually in shady overhanging vegetation. At Booyong, it was on a overhanging branch, probably looking for prey in the creek. Apparently, they will often bash their prey against the perch before swallowing it head first. I’m not sorry I didn’t see that.

The Azure Kingfisher form monogamous pairs that defend a breeding territory, it would be lovely if they like the Sacred Kingfisher become regular visitors to this spot. They build a nest at the end of a burrow dug out in the riverbank and can be flooded out when water rises.