Baby Sun Rose

According to Costa and other sources, we were recently delighted to discover the succulent Baby Sun Rose (Aptenia cordifolia) has a leaf that is great in salad the red flowers are also edible.

This plant is so pretty and comes in a green and variegated variety and we have blended both in a hanging basket at Booyong.

Growing – It is a perennial succulent plant most suited to being grown in a hanging basket or as a groundcover. The plant flowers all year round in warmer climates and while they are generally bright pink in colour, they can also but be found in purple, yellow and white. Grow in well-draining soil in full sun or part shade.

Care – This plant is hardy, low maintenance, fast growing and not greatly affected by frosts or harsh summer sun. Once established water only when soil is dry. We may even grow it in the shed garden bed as a ground cover at Booyong.

Pruning – Trim as required, we often cut back our hanging plants and share cuttings with friends.

Companion Planting – Baby sun rose attracts honeybees when the flowers are in full bloom and prevents slugs and snails so is suitable as a border plant for your veggie patch.

Pests and Diseases – None that we are aware of.

Harvest – As required, apparently the young, spring foliage tastes best.

Propagation – Easily propagated from cuttings and can also be grown from seeds in the Summer months.

Eating – According to chef Blayne Bertoncello​, Baby Sun rose tastes like fresh, sour, green apple is best eaten raw (great with pork) and can be used to add crunch to leafy green salads. The flowers would look stunning on desserts and in salads too!