Bandy Bandy Snake

Common Name: Bandy Bandy

Scientific Name: Vermicella annulata

Bob was digging a hole to plant a tree over the weekend, as you do and he came across this incredible looking black and white striped snake. They are easily identifiable as they are the only Australian land snake with fully encircled black and white rings. It was quite a discovery as they are rarely seen due to being a nocturnal species that burrows into the ground.
The Bandy Bandy is often found sheltering beneath rocks and logs and when threatened, it raises loops of its body vertically off the ground to confuse predators and protect the snake’s head which remains on the ground.
They feed on blind snakes which are also burrowers and in turn feed on termites and ant larvae and can go for extended periods without water or food. Interestingly Bob discovered him near a ants nest.
Females lay up to 13 eggs in a clutch and the maximum length they grow is 60cm.


The snake is venomous however not considered dangerous to adults, however If someone is bitten by a snake always treat any bite as a venomous bite, just to be on the safe side.
Immediate first aid should be applied to any snake bite victim.

Follow St Johns ā€“ snake bite first aid recommendations.

  • DO NOT try to catch the snake.
  • DO NOT wash venom off the skin.
  • DO NOT cut the bitten area.
  • DO NOT try to suck venom out of wound.
  • DO NOT use a tourniquet

1. Follow DRSABCD.
2. Reassure the patient and ask them not to move.
3. Apply a broad crepe bandage over the bite site as soon as possible.
4. Apply a pressure bandage (heavy crepe or elasticised roller bandage) starting just above the fingers or toes of the bitten limb, and move upwards on the limb as far as can be reached (include the snake bite). Apply firmly without stopping blood supply to the limb.
5. Immobilise the bandaged limb with splints.
6. Ensure the patient does not move.
7. Write down the time of the bite and when the bandage was applied. Stay with the patient.
8. Regularly check circulation in fingers or toes.
9. Manage for shock.
10. Ensure an ambulance has been called.

There is also a First Aid book in the First aid kit under the carport.

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