Booyong is back in business

What a turbulent start to 2020 it’s been. First, we had the drought and then Booyong was closed over the Summer months when the Bushfires threatened our boundaries.  We were fortunate that the wind changed, and the Conservation area and wildlife remained safe. This was soon followed by COVID 19 which has affected us all. We were extremely fortunate to have an extended stay at Booyong during this time, so grateful! We are very much looking forward to opening our property again for guests on the 1st June. We have not been idle during this time, veggie tunnels have been created and a veggie patch and five varieties of berries have been planted in the food forest.  A Herb spiral has been created and Michelle has been busy crop swapping and propagating a variety of herbs for our guests to enjoy. Jack has been an incredible help – shovelling lots of sawdust for the pathway and it looks great. In the cabin our kitchen is soon to be replaced (with recycled goods of course) and we have been busy clearing tracks and stocking the wood fire shed for the Winter season. Brett has been busy painting the shack and tidying up the garden shed and green house and we have all been working on the gardens of Booyong. We have a new gated entranceway to the property – for some reason lots of council workers found this area a great place to stop, park and have lunch and we found curious visitors didn’t hesitate to drive in and take a look as well. The new gates will ensure the privacy of our guests. The drought broke early in the year and Booyong has rejuvenated beautifully, we are so happy to see that the creeks are flowing, and the vegetation is once again lush and green. The dams and water tanks are full, and the wildlife are enjoying the fresh new growth. We have even noticed a few female kangaroos with Joey’s in their pouches which is delightful. Due to the International Airport being closed for the foreseeable future guests will have the pleasure of Brett as caretaker over the coming months. He also has a big list of projects to keep him busy. Please share Booyong with your friends and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to having you stay. After the tumultuous few months, we have all had cooped up in isolation, there is nothing like some quiet time in nature to breath, recharge and get ready for what lies ahead!