Bracken Fern

At Booyong our cabin is surrounded by lush green bracken fern, a native Australian plant considered a weed by the NSW government.

We’ve allowed it to prosper as it seems to do so well, however it does require constant management to ensure it stays contained within the garden beds and doesn’t dominate or crowd out other species.  We feel it provides softness to the cabin which we quite enjoy!

The fern produces spores in moist and sheltered situations and these are dispersed in late summer to autumn and can be carried long distances byBracken Fern wind. An extensive root system spreads and forms a vast network through the soil.

In stock areas the bracken (Pteridium esculentum) competes with pasture for moisture and nutrients and dense areas can provide a hiding spot for foxes and pigs. They are removed by slashing, burning or through use of herbicides. We won’t hesitate to remove them if they become a problem and will be sure to look out for new plants outside the cabin garden area, although for now we are enjoying the lovely green plant and will continue to do so.

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