Brush box Tree

Thank you to the NSW Native Plant Identification group on Facebook who helped us identify this Lophostemon Confertus which is commonly known as the Brush box. These trees are found on the forest edge in front of the cabin at Booyong.

In Australia they are found in coastal areas of northern New South Wales to North Queensland and have also been planted along the lines of many Melbourne streets. In an urban environment the Brushwood will grow approximately 15m high, however in their natural environment up to 40m high.

The lower trunk of the tree is rough and stringy brown bark and the top third of the tree smooth. Epiphytes orchids , also called “air plants” can be found on the tree bark of the Brush box and we have discovered one on a tree at Booyong.

It is an evergreen tree with thick, dark glossy green leaves about 15cm long. The stunning white flowers appear from Spring to summer and attract bees and the regent skipper butterfly.

The tree is moderately tolerant of drought and frosts and can transplanted easily and can be propagated from fresh seeds.

The Australian hardwood of the Brush box is often used for flooring and bridge decking.

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