Coastal Walk at Port Macquarie

For my birthday recently we partially completed The Port Macquarie Coastal, what a fabulous day!

The walk follows the stunning coastline and begins at Townbeach and ends at Lighthouse beach, is almost 9km’s each way and you can enjoy it all in one or partially as we did. We parked our car at lighthouse beach and caught the bus from Flynns beach into town. I believe the bus was 332 or 324, but I would recommend checking the local timetable to be sure.

The walk takes in historic sites, and explores a variety of terrains including the sandy beaches, little covers, natural rocks, timber steps, nature tracks, boardwalks and rainforest. The scenery is stunning as it follows the coastline, be sure to take your camera. We would also recommend wearing a hat (I forgot mine and had to wear Brett’s) and sunscreen and don’t forget to bring along a water bottle. Wearing comfortable shoes you can slip on an off is also recommended so you can walk along the beach and feel the sand beneath your toes. I wouldn’t say the walk is strenuous, there are some hills and stairs but lots of opportunities to take a break. Prams aren’t really recommended.

Whales migrate along the coast between May and November and we were delighted when we spotted one frolicking in the water. It was spectacular! The birdlife was lovely and we also saw brush turkeys and goanna’s lazing in the sun. Apparently koalas have been spotted and I’m sure dolphins would be a common sight too!

There are lots of opportunities to stop and soak in the view, you can rest along the way, have a swim and even stop at a café for a coffee. There are lots of spots that would be perfect for a picnic aswell.

We’ll be sure to visit and do another portion of the walk soon, early morning or late afternoon would be stunning!

For more information see the National Parks website.