Grevillea – Forest Rambler

We have waited along time for our Forest Rambler Grevillea to flower and are so happy with it’s lovely soft pink colour. I have to admit I’ve been a little distracted by the Veggie patch and Herb spiral, neglecting the native plants of late.

Grevillea ‘Forest Rambler’ is said to be a hybrid between Grevillea shiressii and a form of Grevillea juniperina. It is commonly used as a ground cover and will grow 50 cm high and up to 2m wide.

Unlike many of the Grevillea’s we have planted this one has been very at home at Booyong. Despite being lovely, green and healthy, not until now has it gifted us and the birds with flowers. I would say it was planted two – three years ago.

Growing – It is a very hardy plant that is drought and frost resistant, growing best in full sun to semi shade in well-drained soil. We just planted it and let it be.

We will give it a mulch before Summer and cut it back a little after flowering to stop it from getting too bushy.

The flowers are rich in nectar and will also attract birds who are going to love hiding in its prickly green leaves. So happy to have another flowering grevillea in the cabin garden!

Propagation – According to Gardening Australia, Grevillea’s can be propagated from cuttings.