Hakea “Burrendong Beauty”

Flowering in the cabin garden currently is the Hakea ‘Burrendong Beauty‘, a member of the Proteaceae family. It has prolific globular-shaped pink flowers that occur in clusters in the leaf axils during late summer and winter. They are absolutely stunning, we’re hoping this one is going to last, it’s so beautiful!

Growing – This hakea is an easy care, medium sized, spreading shrub that reaches about 1.5 metres high by 2-3 metres wide. It requires well drained soil in an open, sunny position and will tolerate drought and moderate frosts.

Care – You can plant it in a pot, but it is said to better in the ground.

Pruning – Pruning is best carried out from when the plant is first planted. Prune the tips of each stem back by up to 10 cm each year and don’t prune back into old wood.

Companion Planting – When if flower will attract bees, it also attracts nectar earing birds to the garden which is great.

Pests and Diseases – It will often die back in high humidity.

Propagation – Hakea ‘Burrendong Beauty’ has been grown successfully from cuttings and we will certainly give this a go as the plant becomes more established.