Identifying Species at Booyong

As you walk around the food forest or conservation area at Booyong, you may notice that several of the plants are being identified with small aluminium stamped tree tags. Our friend Van had identified all the species previously, however unfortunately the marker that he used has worn and the writing can no longer be seen.

As we are learning the species types in the Conservation area we are slowly beginning to label them for guests and visitors.

These labels are also helpful in the food forest, people are wanting to know what they’re looking at, especially when the trees are young and have no identifying features.

We went in search of some labelling alternatives and found a 36-piece letter and number stamp set. We purchased ours from Ebay and have found they can also be purchased at Bunnings for $37.94. It’s easy to use and a great way to let off some steam when you’re in the mood to bash something.
We wanted something discreet and Pre-punched Aluminium Tree Tags have been purchased and are attached with a nail or copper tie-wire depending on the size of the tree and we’ve found Green Harvest sell some similar.

For the smaller herbs and floating pots we have attached the metal tags to bamboo posts from our garden at home in Sydney.

We’re very happy with this method and hope the tags last a lifetime.