Outdoor Table

One of the items on our wish list has been an outdoor table. There is a lovely area we call the circle. It holds the fire pit, some native gardens and the Booyong tree as well as recently planted grevilleas. This is where the native bees live, where we swing in the hammock and enjoy the view of the dam.

One thing missing was a long outdoor table for guests to enjoy!

Whilst Bob is a carpenter by trade, with the preparations for Farm gate taking up our time we found it was more beneficial  both time and cost wise to order this table pre-cut, assemble and stain it. It was quick and easy and we’re sure our guests, families and friends will enjoy it.

We’re very happy with the finished product and Jack and Poppy had fun staining it – much better than a day at school. We’ve used this product – Diggers Eco in-ground timber protecta in both the outdoor shower and furniture. We’re happy with the finish and it was purchased at Bunnings.