Rope Swing

At Booyong Bob has recently created a traditional rope swing, which is basically a rope suspended from the tree with a branch tied in a knot to sit on. I cannot tell you the amount of fun Poppy and Jack have had on the swing – hours of entertainment have been had!

The back and forth motion of the swinging creates a sensation of flying and is so relaxing, especially in the peace and tranquillity of the property and overlooking the dam!

And it’s not just fun, research supports there are also physical, social and cognitive benefits to rope swinging. They develop gross and fine motor skills and enjoy the time they spend together socially taking turns and sharing.

Of course beginners need assistance and prefer lower heights and will as their skills develop want to go higher. Of couse safety is important and children will sometimes naturally want to take risks like jumping in motion so parental supervision is recommended.

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