White Headed Pigeon

A regular visitor you’ll see when collecting eggs at the chicken coop http://www.booyongconservation.com/chickens-at-booyong-at-last/ is the White headed pigeon (Columba leucomela).

It’s quite large and has a very distinctive white head, chest and neck. Its back, wings and tail are quite a dark black and in the sun you can see a metallic green/purple sheen in the male.

This bird is found up and down the Eastern coast of Australia from Queensland down to southern NSW. Its preferred environment is subtropical rainforests where it will feed on rainforest fruits and seeds, with a particular liking to Camphor Laurel. It is also commonly seen in urban gardens feeding on trays of seed.

They nest in a built platform of sticks in the foliage of a dense tree or tangled vines; there are plenty of these environments to be found in the rainforest of Booyong. They lay a single egg and both parents care for and incubate their young.