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Winter Senna

At Booyong there were a variety of species in the cabin garden we have waited to identify before deciding whether to keep or remove them. Amongst them is the yellow flowering Senna Septemtrionalis also known as Winter Senna. This perennial weed is native to Mexico and can grow 1-3m high.

Flowers appear in autumn, are bright yellow and have 5 petals as shown. Seeds of Cassia are in bean-like cylindrical pods, approximately 7-8 cm long. They are dispersed by water, animals, humans and contaminated soil. You can currently see Cassia in a wide range of native plant areas along the roadside and on the coast of NSW and Queensland. Winter senna has escaped cultivation as a garden plant. It is regarded as an environmental weed in NSW and Qld as it often replaces and displaces native vegetation.

Unfortunately Senna Septemtrionalis can be mistakenly identified as other Senna species like the endangered Native Senna Acclinis which is found in the Kiwi fruit farm at Booyong.

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