Using Fire to reduce risk!

Prior to the Summer Season we experimented with using fire in the Meadow to reduce risk and prepare for the expected dry period ahead. The meadow is a large area that was previously used for sheep and the preceding owners had difficulty re-establishing the growth in this area.

During the last two years we have used “Betsy” to slash this area, this took some time and old fence posts had to be removed first. I’ve attached a picture of our good friend “Dave” who assisted last year.

As required, we first contacted the Bush fire service for approval and a permit from the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS). The Bush Fire Danger period was brought forward this year due to the dry conditions. We then contacted our friends at the local Bush Fire service for assistance and hired an additional water pod to ensure the burn was conducted safely. We also confirmed the weather conditions were safe on the day of burning and Brett had some mates from Sydney to assist him and Bob. We also notified our neighbours, so they were prepared and not concerned. If the weather conditions were unsafe and a Total fire ban was in place, we our permit would have been suspended.

Fire permits are required to ensure adequate and appropriate measures are in place, so fires remain under control and communities are protected.

As you can see from the photos, Betsy was used to create a path around the perimeter of the area was before lighting the fire. The boys then created sections within the meadow so small areas could be safely lit. The water pods were close by just in case. Fortunately, the project ran smoothly!

If you would like more information contact your local NSW RFS Fire Control . Centre