A new bushwalking track open at Booyong – “The Meadow”


The Meadow Walk

Our most recent addition to the bushwalking tracks at Booyong is “The Meadow Walk” aptly named by Poppy and Jack’s grand mother Sandra who visited recently. Whilst The Meadow is a short walk it is jam packed with wonderful things to see!

The Meadow walk meets up with the rainforest walk from the Cabin and takes you around and past the Black Lagoon. It’s great spot to see water dragons basking in the afternoon sun and water lilies up close.

After walking along the lagoons edge you turn left and cross over the creak entering another natural environment, featuring some Eucalyptus grands, Turpentine trees and the beautiful Python trees. Take your time and look down to see the magnificent Fungi and look up to see large Bird Nests ferns (we discovered one with 1m long leaves).

As you come out of the forest the walk opens up to a large and open meadow. This meadow we believe was once home to sheep and we have removed the fence palings. We slash it occasionally to prevent fires and are hoping the edges of the forest over time will begin to rejuvenate and take back the open plain. In the meantime it’s a lovely spot and a favourite for the native kangaroos.

Follow the edge of the meadow and you will see a large paper bark tree and a sign leading you back to the cabin. Keep an eye out for a large ancient vine and cross over the creek before veering left.