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Family Fun!

Booyong is the perfect place to enjoy the company of friends and family. We often enjoy weekends away with another family and the kids have a ball.

Whilst, the cabin sleeps six, Booyong’s surrounding grass area is perfectly suited to pitching a tent for the kids. The recent carpeting of the storage loft area is also perfect spot for playing board games, doing a puzzle or hanging out if it’s raining. During the cooler months its lovely to gather around the fireplace, tell stories and play games!

A night walk with torches is a great adventure, so is gazing at the stars, laying in the hammock and having a chat in summer months or sitting around the fire pit toasting marshmallows during the winter.

There are numerous bushwalks to enjoy and the kids love seeing the kangaroos and goanna’s on a sunny day. Catch some frogs, explore the forest, hug a tree, swing on the natural vines – there are endless possibilities that don’t include technology and all without even leaving the property!

Booyong has bunny rabbits and the kids love hanging out in the hutch and having a cuddle (they do this for hours). Grab a basket and go for an early morning walk to collect the eggs before breakfast. Play a game of chess, cards or backgammon in the afternoon. Take a stroll through the orchard to see if any fruits are in season.

The cabin is equipped with an outdoor table and bbq and there are numerous fun things to do. There is a net available for a spot of tennis or badminton in the late afternoon, a golf hole and sticks available and some retro bowling balls for the green. Bob has erected some swings for the little ones and some soccer balls too. In addition there’s a basketball hoop and a small rock climbing wall up a tree. It’s the perfect spot for dinner and a few drinks on the deck whilst watching the kids play – you might even find you join them for a spot of fun!

Honestly whilst there are many activities to do in the area we find so much to do just being at Booyong. A weekend away with friends is highly recommended – Book now directly or on Airbnb and have a weekend break and some family fun to look forward too!