A Rainforest Walk at Booyong!

Creek bed in RainforestBooyong is blessed with an extensive rainforest and we have a lovely 1km minute walk which takes 30 minutes from the rustic cabin and takes you into the forest. Directly opposite the front cabin steps the walk begins, across a lovely creek and moss covered bridge. After travelling along the fire trail you turn left and walk through a beautiful corridor where you are instantly surrounded by lush green flora and fallen logs. The canopy is lush and the sound of birds surrounds you, it’s stunning.

As you walk along you come across Tallowwood trees to your left towering above you and shortly after you reach the tabletop, a fallen tree that has roots exposed. It’s quite a sight! From here you turn left again and pass native ginger and other lush green foliage. Look up as you reach the creek as you’ll see some magnificent foliage above you. The children love to swing on the vines, and the rocky and beautiful creek bed is one of my favourite spots.

Don’t linger too long in the leaf covered areas though as they are moist and the leeches can sometimes attach themselves to your shoes. Aeroguard and appropriate footwear are helpful. The leeches are quite unpredictable – sometimes you get one and sometimes you don’t. Beryl (the original owner) spent hours in the rainforest and she says little salt sachet’s are handy as they dissolve the leeches when they attach too you, so you may want to bring some along. We haven’t found it an issue but it’s up to you!On our way to the Black LagoonThe Black Lagoon!

From the creek bed you head up towards the Black Lagoon through some dense and dryer bush, including native raspberries and native hibiscus.  As you reach the top to the right is the black lagoon and to the left you enter another incredible rainforest! Just before you enter look to the right and you will discover the moss covered logs featured on our home page – they are amazing!

The next stage of your walk is another unique rainforest environment. As you enter you come to a t-intersection and turn left at the big tree. Approximately 15m along, to the left you can see the canopy of the grand eucalypt – you can’t miss it. If you’d like to bush bash a little you can reach the base of it’s trunk – it will amaze you, as it is so incredibly powerful. Just behind the tree is a lovely creek bed which is worth a visit. Creek Bed

Head back to the track and follow the path marked by orange ribbons until you reach the creek. Another beautiful spot and an incredible paper bark tree stands aside it. Just beforehand you will find a large eucalypt that loses its bark and has an incredible orange trunk. If you look closely you will see some claw marks upon it. We are not sure if these are from a goanna, possum or koala but someone certainly lives here.

Cross over the creek and you have almost arrived back at the cabin! Don’t worry too much about finding your way, we’ll provide you with a map when you stay. A short and enjoyable walk, filled with wonders, it is one of our favourites!



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