At Booyong we believe in the value of classic tools and machinery.

We were very excited to welcome “Betsy” recently, a well-deserved and popular classic Massey Fergusen 135 tractor. She was produced sometime between 1968 to 1974 and has a three cylinder perkins diesel engine. Fortunately we have a mechanically minded aircraft engineer who can maintain and restore her.

Betsy came with a post hole attachment and has already been extremely useful digging holes to plant fruit trees and in which to place our fire pit. In addition we’ve been able to remove some deeply imbedded tree trunks and move firewood around So she has already proven quite useful!

In the future we plan to purchase other attachments for her such as a slasher and a mulcher for fallen tree branches. She will also be useful when we are re-doing fences after fallen trees have fallen along the boundaries and in the non-conservation areas.

Not to mention the character she adds to the place. Her engine purrs beautifully and she’s quite lovely to look at. What do you think, beautiful isn’t she?

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