White Passionflower

Common Name : White passionflower

Scientific Name: Passiflora subpeltata

One of our responsibilities as owners of Booyong and a property under conservation is to manage weed control. We were curious when we noticed this passionfruit along the fence lines of Booyong as it resembled a fruit we have at home. We are always conscious to identify a plant before we take action and this plant was quickly identified as an environmental weed of the Northcoast.  It is also commonly found in coastal areas of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  Now, when we see this plant at Booyong we remove it immediately. If you happen to come across one on your travels and during your exploration of the property, please remove it and let us know.

It originates from Brazil is spread by birds, water and humans. The leaves of the plant are three lobed and pale green as per the picture provided. The white passionflower climbs over native shrubs and trees, attaching to the plants with their fine tendrils and smothering them. The plant produces white flowers during spring and summer and the fruit is a green berry about 4cm long that stays green and doesn’t ripen.

Passion Fruit

The fruit contains cyanic acid and is toxic to humans and livestock if eaten in sufficient quantities, so please if you see when within the conservation at Booyong don’t eat it.

For more information see the Queensland Government factsheet.

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