Birds Nest Fern

The Birds Nest Fern is another popular classic, commonly seen in rainforest and gardens of New South Wales and Queensland. In Australia there are 26 species of Birdnest fern and the scientific name is Asplenium australasicum.

It is an epiphyte which means that it grows innocently on another plant and receives its moisture and nutrients birds-nest-fern-in-tree
from the air, rain, and fallen debris and rainforest litter which decompose and provide nutrients. The root system is small and spongy which is surprising considering the large size of the fern and they reproduce by sporing.

At Booyong it grows both on the ground and in the canopies of trees. It is a hardy plant and recovers quickly in dry conditions with a little rain and can reach two metres long.

Domestically they can be grown in a pot or basket but it can also be planted in the ground. It doesn’t like shade and prefers filtered sunlight under large gums and eaves.

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