Cabbage Gum

There are a large range of Eucalypts throughout both the cabin and conservation area within Booyong. And the common Cabbage gum is identified by its juvenile round leaves.

The tree is large and can grow to 30m high and it’s scientific name is Eucalyptus amplifolia.

cabbage-gum-3The bark is smooth and becomes granular with age shaded in colours of cream, white, yellow, grey and brown. They look especially beautiful when the sun shines upon them in the late afternoon!

Young leaves are round in shape, and are of a dull green colour. Adult leaves are lanceolate (shaped like the head of a lance) and 9 to 20 cm long. The gum nuts of the cabbage tree are small and the bark strips of trunk of the tree in patches leaving a smooth or mottled surface of grey and white.

More information can be found on the following website and The Northern beaches have some wonderful identifying photos

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