Black Booyong Tree

The Black Booyong must certainly have something to do with our name ‘Booyong Conservation’. This tree is situated in the circle near the cabin and can be identified by its palmate foliage as seen in the photo. It will grow into a magnificent and beautiful large buttressed tree in the future which is something we are very much looking forward too!

When established, the Argyrodendron Actinophyllum (Black Booyong) tree trunk is dark and can grow to 20m high, providing a fabulous canopy to the forest. It grows in sub-tropical rainforest in the coastal hinterland of Northern New South Wales to Southern Queensland and established ones can be found in Sydney and Melbourne botanical gardens.

The Black Booyong is often used as a feature in gardens and has glossy green leaves and white bell shaped flowers in summer.

There also exists a Argyrodendron trifoliolatum, White Booyong in the old kiwi fruit farm at Booyong Conservation. It can be distinguished by silvery grey-green to brown underneath leaves and it’s compound leaf of three (tri). Now that we know what to look for we will certainly be exploring this area when we visit Booyong next.


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