Bread on a Stick

The school holidays have inspired us to share some of our favourite things to do at Booyong and this always includes making bread at the fire pit!

Honestly who doesn’t enjoy sitting around the fire in the morning or afternoon making fresh bread. After a busy morning gardening or bushwalking, watching the kids play on the rope swing or a having a game of cricket, there’s nothing better!

The concept of  cooking ‘bread on a stick’ was first introduced to us by our lovely neighbors Mette and Morten!

This recipe is super easy and we’ve adjusted the recipe a little to include semolina flour. We’ve discovered when placed in a sunny spot the dough rises quickly and is ready to use very soon. Get everyone involved making the dough, collecting sticks, lighting the fire! It’s fun and so delicious!

Mix 400gm Plain Flour, 100gm semolina, 1 * 7g sachet yeast with ½ teaspoon salt, two tablespoons olive oil and 325ml warm water. Knead the mixture and leave in a bowl covered with a clean tea towel in the sun for approximately 20 minutes or until it rises.

While the dough is raising head outside and collect some long sticks, covering the tips with aluminum foil to avoid the dough sticking. Grab some dough and twist it over the stick evenly.

Jack has discovered if you cover the end it forms a long cup which is perfect to fill with jam or maple syrup, so delicious. Such a great idea!

Hold the stick over the heat and rotate it often to avoid burning. Be mindful of where you point your stick and only light fires in the pit when fire warnings are not in place!

A great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family!

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