Maintaining the natural environment surrounding the dams at Booyong is important for the native flora and fauna. This sedge is commonly referred to as Bullrush Schoenoplectus mucronatus and originates from Africa. It is found in the wet soil of stationary freshwater dams and in stationary and slow running creeks.

This sedge is a clump forming macrophyte (aquatic plant that grows in or near water) with bright green triangular shaped foliage. Macrophytes are important to healthy aquatic environments as they are a direct food source for birds and wildlife. They also provide a protective habitat for the frogs and small birds of Booyong. In addition macrophytes assist with stabilization of the dam and helps keep the waters clear, also reducing the abundance of algae.

As you can see from the photo Bulrush has brown flowers near the top of the leaf and grows up to 1 metre tall. It flowers over summer and has a cluster of seeds near the top of the rush.