Cordylines are scattered throughout the rainforest at Booyong, the wet sclerophyl forest is perfect for them, dark and moist!

There scientific name is Cordyline stricta and they are narrow and strappy with leaves 30-50cm long, often crowded near the top of the stem which can grow 2-3m tall. It flowers in Summer and produces pale purple flowers which are followed by black berries.

The Australian National Botanical Gardens website  maintains the cordylines is a food plant for the Miskin’s swift butterfly which is often seen at Booyong.

The cordyline can be propagated easily by seeds or cuttings and reproduces easily if the conditions are right, you can also divide larger plants. You will discover a large number of cordylines on the rainforest walk at Booyong. As we are under conservation, please don’t remove any seeds or plants from the Conservation area.

The photo on the right is an established cordyline growing in the cabin garden, you will also find one in the cabin circle that is in good condition.

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