Peron’s Tree Frog – Miraculously changes in response to the environment!

frog in a log 1This amazing Peron’s tree frog can camouflage from emerald green and brown frog in the darkness of a log, too a soft grey in the daytime. How incredible, we were amazed to discover these two pictures are of the same frog!

Nature continues to astound me!

The Frog in a log was spotted in a tree Branch some 10ft off the ground and the other by the side of the dam during the day.

If you have a biologically healthy property you will have a strong habitat of frogs and this is certainly the case at Booyong. On our species list we have 27 frogs’ that have been heard or sighted. Of an afternoon you can hear there calls and they sound fabulous!

The scientific name for this frog is the Litoria peronii and it is 50-65mm long. They live in both trees and on the ground and are found right across NSW in forests, wood and grasslands, resting in tree hollows during the day. It is a carnivorous animal and feeds on insects.

The male has a loud and rattling call which is said the sound like a coin coming to rest on a table when spun. It can be heard in Spring and Summer when they gather near water to attract females with their calls. The female lays its eggs in still water.

The frog is a protected species in NSW.

If you’d like to learn more about frog habitats take a look at the resource provided by the Frog and Tadpole Study Group, it’s fantastic and well worth a read!

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