Grevillea – Prostrate Woolly Bush

Common Name: Prostrate Wooly bush

Botanical Name: Grevillea Lanigera

The surrounding gardens of the cabin at Booyong were basically a blank slate and our intention has been to fill them with native plants to attract the stunning birds out from the forest edge.

This Grevillea Prostrate was planted in October 2015 and holds some personal significance for us at Booyong. We’ve been delighted to see it begin to flower. It’s a hardy evergreen groundcover and is soft and woolly to touch.

At Booyong we’ve planted it in an old tree stump by the cabin and are expecting masses of cream and pink spider like flowers to cascade over the edges. Due to the nectar in the small flowers it will attract small native birds. This photo was taken recently in July, 2017 and as you can see the flowers are starting to cascade over the edge.

The plant prefers well drained soil in a sunny or partly shaded position and does well if you prune after flowering and fertilise with a long term slow release fertiliser. It is expected to reach a height of 40cm and a size of 1m which will be perfect.

The new featured image has been uploaded in January, 2019. This plant is delightful and brings us so much joy!


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