Grevillea – Scarlet Sprite

This Grevillea rosmarinifolia ‘Scarlet Sprite’ belongs to the Proteaceae family and has become quickly established in one of our cabin garden beds this summer. I was delighted when I visited recently and saw these beautiful flowers! The birds are enjoying this plant too, just as we intended.

We have watered this plant regularly and it was one of the first grevillea’s we planted in a sunny spot approximately about 12 months ago. Similar to other grevillea’s it has spider like flowers and its fine needle like foliage makes it a perfect refuge for smaller birds. We wanted the nectar to attract birds out of the conservation area and this plant is one of the Hummingbirds favourite. The Lewin’s Honey Eater is currently enjoying the sweet nectar and can be seen each morning and afternoon.

This Grevillea was  planted near the cabin as it will grow only 1 metre high and wide, still allowing us a lovely view of the dam.

We expect it to flower most of the year, peaking in both Summer and Autumn. After flowering we will prune it to promote more flowers and thicker growth and we will continue to fertilise with a native fertilizer each Spring after pruning.


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