Narrow-leaf Geebung

On the edge of the forest at Booyong you will find the Narrow-leaf Geebung, scientific name Persoonia linearis and belonging to the Proteaceae family.

geebung-trunkThis species of native shrub is quite common in the Eastern states of Australia and is identifiable by its black bark which when scratched is red underneath. Our friend Liz, helped us identify this one on a recent visit!

This shrub grows 2-5m high in dry sclerophyll forests and both sandy and clay soil types. It’s leaves are narrow and long and it has yellow flowers which occur from December to July. After flowering this Geebung bears prolific green fruits which hang in clusters and whilst not often seen in home gardens is frost tolerant and quite hardy.

Bush Craft Oz maintain the fruits are edible when collected from the ground and taste like an over ripe rock melon and the bark has medicinal uses. As with all native bush foods, we would not recommend you eat them as identification correct identification is essential.

Persoonias are difficult to propogate from seeds and cuttings, although some success has been had from cuttings off regrowth from young pruned branches. We’ll let you know if we give it a go here at Booyong!

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