Grevillea Venusta

As you can see, this Grevillea Venusta is stunning and it’s currently flowering at Booyong.

This Grevillea is commonly known as the Byfield Spider Flower and belongs to the Proteaceae family. It originates from a small part of central Queensland and Eastern Australia. The yellow and purple of the spidery flowers are so pretty and appear in Winter/Spring, and the seed pods are just as beautiful.

This Grevillea grows 3-4m * 3m in size in a sandy loam, clay soil. Unfortunately this magnificent shrub was chopped down the year before we arrived, we can only imagine what it looked like in all of it’s glory.

We will continue to cut this Grevillea Venusta back after flowering each year to encourage dense growth and hope to propagate it in the New Year. Like many other grevillea’s it is a bird attracting plant, and it prefers a warm sunny positioning and is tolerant to light frost. It is perfectly positioned by the cabin carport at Booyong.

In Queensland the Grevillea Venusta is listed as vulnerable under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.