Baby Bunnies at Booyong

During Easter 2017 we featured our new dwarf lop rabbit Thumper (thumpy). He’s a caramel dwarf lops rabbit and will grow to a weight of up to 2.5kg. Since this time Bob’s added to our rabbit family with two white females Floppy and Pokets. Last weekend, we arrived at the farm and discovered to our Surprise four new baby rabbits – a white, grey, black and caramel one. They are so cute and adorable at only one week old. Apparently Dwarf lops can come in up to 40 colours which is amazing!

Thumper is good natured, active and friendly, enjoying a cuddle now and then, his fur is so lovely and soft and if he were an inside rabbit we could house train him. He and the girls have become good friends and we’re expecting more baby bunnies soon.

The term ‘Breed like rabbits’ is based on the fact that a female rabbit can produce up to 50 babies per year. The female carries babies in her tummy for 28-32 days and medium sized rabbits can produce 4-8 kittens in each litter. At 6-8 weeks of age the bunnies can be taken from their mother and we’ll be bringing them home to Sydney mid-August if anyone would like to purchase one.

In caring for our adult rabbits a healthy diet is important and Bob has actually started growing a range of vegetables for him including parsley, spinach and carrots (but no lettuce or rhubarb leaves). Hay and straw will be provided often and he will eat some rabbit pellets at times. We also need to vaccinate them against the Calicivirus virus which was introduced to control wild rabbits.

The baby bunnys are being fed milk from their mothers. They are also being exposed to a balanced diet of grass, pellets , hay and vegetables. Our friend Alex built a sheltered box for them with hay layed on the ground. They also enjoy hopping around through the grass and in and out of the logs.

Bob’s been busy building a new and improved portable hutch for Thumpster and his family. It includes a log to hide in and lots of space to run around in. Rabbits teeth never stop growing so they have to chew hard things like the timber in there enclosure to wear down their teeth.

Burkes’ backyard have a great fact sheet if you require more information


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