Turpentine Tree

Along the Firetrail and on the way up the Hilltop walk you will find several species of the Turpentine Tree (Syncarpia Glomulifera) . It’s quite beautiful and the trunk colour a lovely shade of grey.

We’re grateful to our friends Michael and Liz who visited recently and helped us identify the seeds of the tree – thanks guys!

The turpentine belongs to the Myrtaceae family and is a single trunked tall tree which grows from 25-50m high, with a lifespan beyond 300 years.

The trunk is covered in thick, spongy and stringy bark which as you can see is quite flaky and the foliage is a dull green and pale underneath. The timber is hard and durable and is also termite and borer resistant which makes it an ideal choice for railway sleepers, house framing and decking.

Flowering is expected in Spring/Summer and will consist of more than one flower in ball shaped clusters at the end of branches. This tree produces a large amount of nectar which provides resources for honey-eating birds and the Grey Headed Flying Fox.

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