Hibiscus Barambah Creek

The local and native Hibiscus at Booyong are called Hibiscus heterophyllus. They are white with a ruby red centre and found throughout the property, and we adore them.
At our regular visits to Boongala gardens  I have always admired their pink and yellow native hibiscus, and I was delighted when I found and bought the Pink Hibiscus Barambah Creek.  It’s quite large in comparison to the white one and the lovely pink flowers contrast beautifully against the green foliage.
It is placed in the garden bed by the carport at Booyong and, with regular pruning and watering, will grow to 3 metres high. It is a hardy and evergreen plant that is generally unaffected by frost. If you visit in spring or summer, you may get a glimpse of these beauties.
I have taken some seeds and intend to propagate them, and apparently they can also be obtained from cuttings, which I will explore when the plant is more established.