More Baby Bunnies ….

They just keep coming. We currently have eight baby bunnies for sale at Booyong for $30.00 and are expecting 8 more in approximately four weeks. They are so cute! Poppy, Jack and I enjoy sitting in the hutch and having a cuddle when we visit.

Fortunately Bob has been busy over the school holidays building a new bunny hutch to separate our male bunny Thumpster from the females so we can have a little more control over the amount of bunnies we have. Whilst they are very cute, nine a month is just way too much!

We have though been delighted by the nature of the people who have purchased them from us and if you know of anyone interested please feel free to message us. In addition we are very grateful to our friend Dave whose daughter gifted us a hutch to keep the bunnies in whilst in Sydney.

The new hutch at Booyong features some hay bales which they love and we have ensured the floor of the hutch has a wire base which has been covered by dirt. Like bunnies do they have started burrowing holes which is great, as long as they stay contained! They are also enjoying logs Bob has placed in there and there is lots of activity in the mornings and afternoons when they explore and run around. We’ve found in the heat of the day they find a cool place to sleep and we place frozen water bottles in their hutch for them to lay near to keep warm.