Mulla Mulla

Of all the plants we put in this spring the Mulla Mulla has settled in beautifully at Booyong, even in this hot Aussie Summer. This is one of our lovely friend Marlene’s favourite due to its soft and beautiful purple feathery flowers!

The Mulla Mulla is found in the dry Australian outback and is often called Pussytails or lambs tails, due to their distinctive shaped flower heads. The plant’s scientific name is Ptilotus exaltatus and they are commonly found on rocky slopes and stony plains.

It is an annual plant with a flower spike that is expected to flower most of the year and the flowers can be cut and placed in a vase which is wonderful!

Interestingly the essence of the Mulla Mulla is used for bush essences and flower therapy and is said to assist with deep spiritual wounds that can be held from past lives.

The Australian Native plants society say propagation is usually carried out from seed which does not require any pretreatment but may be slow and unreliable in germination. Propagation from cuttings has also been successful.



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