Native Frangipani

In spring, outside the cabin windows you’ll find a Native Frangipani which has cream and yellow flowers and a lovely gentle fragrance, it’s quite beautiful! The flowers will extend into the summer months and attract honey-eating birds and butterflies.

In tropical habitats it can grow 25m tall however we aren’t expecting that height at Booyong, although there is one in the circular cabin garden bed that has a very high canopy and is a good 8-10 metres high. We will trim the tree outside the cabin to keep it lush and green, encouraging more flowers next year.

The Native Frangapani Hymenosporum flavum prefer full sun with protection to winds however they can grow in shady areas and perform well in alkaline soils.

Propagation is usually obtained from seeds which are packed into the fruit capsules which follow after flowering (In Jan) and cuttings are also generally successful. If planting in neutral or acid soil a small amount of lime can be added. Once established they will tolerate moderate frost and require little water.

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