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Cape Water Lily

cape-water-lilyThe Cape Water Lily is native to South Africa and we are always delighted when the sun shines and they begin to flower in mid spring through to early autumn. The flowers open mid-morning and close in the late afternoon until the following day. They are 15-20 cm across and last for approximately four days, providing nectar for the bees and protection for the insects and frogs. A beautiful feature of the dams in summer at Booyong!

The beautiful cape water lily (Nymphaea Capensis) sits 30cm from the surface upon a circular leave which is 30-40cm diameter and the leaves are on long leaf stalks that come directly from the rhizome beneath the surface. They are strongly scented and cut blooms last well, although we ask that visitors don’t do this to ensure the ecosystem and frog habitat is maintained.

The plants bulb can survive long periods without rain and require a rich topsoil and slightly acidic soil. They can grow successfully in pots and water features, preferring full sun and relatively shallow water.


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