New Poly Tunnel in the Food Forest


Everyone seems to be building polytunnels in their veggie gardens these days. Now that we have one, I can see why. They extend the growing season, protect your veggies from extreme weather and pests, and increase the size of your harvest.

A polytunnel is a frame for your garden. It was a relatively easy project and we’ve added the steps of how it was created here at Booyong.

The temperature can be adjusted by using a different covering, like shade cloth in the heat of Summer.

1. We first measured the space and string lined the boundaries.
2. The top layer of grass was then removed, and the ground turned over. Brett and Jack were great with this step and as it was wet their boots were covered in clay. This soil was replaced with a great deal of compost sourced locally.
3. One day soon, we hope to have our own compost at Booyong.
4. We created two tunnels at 5 metres long and two and a half meters wide for easy access.
5. Old water poly pipe was sourced from the ex-kiwi fruit farm and a frame was made. This was then screwed together with self-tapping screws and the poly pipe was cut to size to form the arches and these were screwed in too. Plumbing elbows were used to connect the pipe in the corners.
6. Netting was then placed over the top and secured with cable ties.

The tunnels can be flipped over easily and sit firmly in the channel at the edge of the garden bed.

We were uncertain as to how these would go and were considering placing a timber frame around the garden beds. At this point though these frames are not necessary, the plants are going gangbusters and there are no signs of pests infiltrating our veggie garden.

For the winter season we have planted Spinach, Cabbage, Red Mustard, Broccolini, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Candied Beetroot, Red Beetroot, Lettuce and Cauliflower. Please help yourself to produce when you come to stay. We have had no cabbage moth in the garden bed which is fantastic.

So incredibly happy with this structure and used predominantly from recycled materials too!