Rose Mahogany

Rose Mahogany (Dysoxylum fraserianum) is an evergreen medium to large tree that grows in subtropical and dry rainforest on coastal ranges north of Wyong, New South Wales and Queensland. It has grey to yellowish scaly bark and dark green glossy leaves. Flowers from April to December are cream to pale mauve and have a fragrant scent. Fruit is round, pinky brown and appears at almost any time of the year.

Growing and Care – Plant in well-drained soil, rich in organic matter. The tree will grow exceptionally large and is therefor not suitable for the average garden. When plants are young, it’s important to protect from hot sun and drought. Once established they are incredibly hardy and will grow 20-40 m in rainforest. The canopy is round and dense and they make a lovely shade tree.

Propagation – Fresh seed will germinate within a month, further propagation methods could not be found at this time.

Uses – Timber is red, durable and fragrant and is sought after for cabinet wood. The timber of the Rose Mahogany is also resistant to termites.