Wasabi Lettuce

Wasabi Lettuce (Brassica juncea) is growing in the veggie patch at Booyong, it has a very distinct wasabi flavour and is a great addition to the garden. It’s not actually a lettuce but a Green Wave Mustard. We’re finding that the Mustards give a nice spicy hit to a meal and are enjoying exploring the different varieties available.

Growing – The leaves are quite frilly and the plant remains reasonably small and is very slow to bolt. I have some seedlings available so please message us if you’re interested in giving them a try.

Care – Tolerant to the cold weather. Grow in part shade – full sun.

Pests and Diseases – None that we have seen so far.

Harvest – As required, all year round.

Propagation – Grow from seed in Autumn and Spring and plant 30 cm apart.

Health Benefits – Unknown

Eating – Very spicy when eaten raw and can be cooked like spinach to remove some heat. Young leaves are lovely in sushi, wraps, salads and used as a garnish. More aged leaves can be used in stir fries.