Shiny Leaf Stinging Tree

The shiny leaf stinging tree (Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants)can be found as you descend the Hilltop walk at Booyong and has been identified with a sign after I brushed against it one lovely afternoon. It stung, and I actually had to get antihistamines to treat the pain. Descending the Hilltop path you can also find large stinging trees which can grown up to 30m and are well out of harms way and can be admired from afar.

The scientific name for the shiny leaf stinging tree is Dendrocnide photinophylla. It is one of the four stinging tree species in Australia, we have two that we are aware of at Booyong, the Giant stinging tree  and the shiny leaf stinging tree. It can develop a buttressed trunk and has a soft and light wood trunk. You can see from the pictures the leaf form is similar to the Giant stinging tree. It can also be deciduous, becoming leafless during the period of September-October. Stinging hairs are present on the leaves and twigs, especially younger trees like the one pictured here. Fruit is white and fleshy and we will upload photos when we have them. This plant is also food for the White Nymph butterfly.

It is often found in both well-developed rain forest and dryer, more seasonal forest.


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