The dams are full and the creeks are flowing!

We’re very happy to welcome the rain at Booyong with a total rainfall of 101mm recently. Falling rain makes us so excited, the creeks are flowing and the plants are being deeply watered. The rainforest comes alive with rainfall and the moss glistens in the morning sunlight – it’s enchanting and so beautiful! And you can have long showers without being mindful of the level of water in the tanks – guilt free showering is the best, especially in the outdoors!

It’s been amazing to see how the rainforest and environment has changed and adapted to the weather. Each season and each year is different, witnessing how the plants respond differently to the seasons, rainfall and temperature. It’s endlessly fascinating!

It’s been a dry winter followed by a reasonably dry Summer in Wauchope this year. We’re grateful to have plenty of water tanks on the property; ensuring there was adequate water was one of Brett’s priorities when we purchased Booyong 2 years ago.

Fortunately, we haven’t lost any of our garden plants since the addition of the fire pod trailer Bob’s been consistently watering all of the garden plants and they have thrived. This was very different to the prior season when it felt like everything I planted died, due to the heat and low rainfall. We’re going to have some very happy fruit trees in the orchard and Bob will get a break from carting water around so he can focus on other projects.