Tongue Orchid

thumbnail-orchid-2We discovered this Tongue Orchid (also known as the Thumbnail Orchid) whilst creating a garden bed from fallen trees recently.

Dockrillia linguiformis (Tongue Orchid) is hardy and naturally occurring from North Eastern Queensland to South Eastern New South Wales growing both on trees, and rock faces or crevices.

This plant is easy to cultivate, and will tolerate a wide range of conditions. Light daily watering in Summer is  sufficient. We’ll see how this one goes on the paperbark tree in the circular garden and keep you informed.

Flowers are cream, white or occasionally yellow, with a slightly spidery form, and are produced in September and October on a cluster of flowers on a stem, with up to 20 flowers . The leaves are thick and leathery, smooth on the bottom, with several parallel grooves running along the upper surface and usually around 2 – 4 cm in size.




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