Wildlife Land Trust

Australia has an incredibly diversity of habitats and an incredible variety of species living within them. Unfortunately only 11.5% of our country is a protected area and this has contributed to high mammal extinctions.

We are proud members of The Wildlife Land Trust who contribute to conservation across our country and internationally and protect and preserve our natural habitats so wildlife can survive. Every landscape under conservation, big and small can protect a variety of wildlife species and we are very happy to do our part.

At Booyong we protect a large variety of wildlife inhabitants including 26 frog species, more than 150 bird varieties, reptiles, bandicoots, tiger quolls, koala’s and various gliders. Other rare species recorded include: green-thighed frogs, great barred frogs; angle-headed dragons; glossy black cockatoos, masked, powerful and sooty owls; and yellow-bellied gliders. Rare plant species include mature red cedars, Senna acclinis, Marsdeniia longiloba, Cynanchum elegans, and Goodenia fordiana. Fore more detailed information take a look at our species list and follow our Facebook page to discover more information about the flora and fauna of Booyong.

To find our more or become a member or visit Wildlife Land Trust.

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