Yellow Bloodwood Tree

yellow-bloodwoodI have been busy completing a life story for a client and applying for a new position at work recently, hopefully things will settle down nicely again over Christmas and in the New Year.yellow-bloodwood-leaves

Our very dear friend Liz visited Booyong over the weekend and identified the Corymbia eximia “Yellow Bloodwood” of the Myrtacae family, previously identified as the Eucalyptus eximia. The yellow and grey shades of bark on the trunk are so subtle and lovely.

The tree grows in dry sclerophyll woodland up to 20m high and lives for over 100 years. It has flaky yellow tinged bark that is tessellated with dull grey foliage.  The individual leaves that are curved like a sickle and 10 to 20cm long.

Off white flowers appear in Spring and fruits are eaten by cockatoos. 


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